Dude, where’s my bibliography?

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Dude, where’s


Intriguing results. I did think Slate would win. Maybe someone can use Lexis-Nexis and do a real study.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: 1

Slate: 2

The Globe and Mail: 4 [what about 2000-2008?]

Salon: 5

The Guardian: 6

Washington Post: 6

New York Times: 15

[from Google searches for “dude where’s” site:theglobeandmail.com,”dude where’s” site:nytimes.com, “dude where’s” site:washingtonpost.com, “dude where’s” site:slate.com, “dude where’s” site:salon.com, “dude where’s” site:guardian.co.uk]

[Bing searches looked similar]