From the notes that I’ve made so far, love seems something like wanting a scar.
– “The Meaning of Love”

You’re the one I like best.  You retain my interest.
– “The Sun and the Rainfall”

Here comes another sentence.  It is relentless.  It tries my patience.
– “Now, This Is Fun”

There was a time when all on my mind was love.  Now I find that most of the time love’s not enough in itself.  Consequently, I’ve a tendency to be unhappy, you see.
– “Love, In Itself”

Help the helpless.  But always remain ultimately selfish.
– “Get The Balance Right”

I can’t understand what makes a man hate another man.  Help me understand.
– “People are People”

I will thank you most of all for the respect you have for me.  I’m embarrassed.  It overwhelms me.
– “It Doesn’t Matter”

Someone who’ll stand by my side and give me support.  And in return she’ll get my support.  She will listen to me when I want to speak, about the world we live in and life in general.
– “Somebody”

Drink can alter you.  Girls can have strange effects, too.
– “Flexible”

There’s something beating here inside my body.  It’s called a heart.
– “It’s Called A Heart”

There are lambs for the slaughter.  There are flies on the windscreen.  Come here.  Touch me.  Kiss me.  Touch me.
– “Fly On The Windscreen”

Metropolis has nothing on this.  You’re breathing in fumes I taste when we kiss.
– “Stripped”

There is a sound in the calm.  Someone is coming to harm.
– “Waiting For The Night”

Life is such a short thing.  That I cannot comprehend.
– “Get Right With Me”

When you’re by my side there is no defence.  I forget to sense I’m dying.
– “Damaged People”

Exercise your basic right.  We could build a building site.
– “If You Want”

Don’t build at night.  You need a little night.  How else are you going to see what it is going to be like?
– “Monument”

Get out the crane.  Construction time again.  What is it this time?  We’re laying a pipeline.
– “Pipeline”