Films discussed here

Alibi Ike [Ray Enright, 1935]

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef [Robert D. Webb, 1953]

The Bells Go Down [Basil Dearden, 1943]

Big Trouble [John Cassavetes, 1986]

Black Swan [Darren Aronofsky, 2010]

Blonde Crazy [Roy Del Ruth, 1931]

Broadway Limited [Gordon Douglas, 1941]

A Bucket of Blood [Roger Corman, 1959]

Camille Claudel [Bruno Nuytten, 1988]

Cassandra’s Dream [Woody Allen, 2007]

Cause for Alarm! [Tay Garnett, 1951]

Come and Get It [Howard Hawks / William Wyler, 1936]

Come Back, Little Sheba [Daniel Mann, 1952]

Commando [Mark L. Lester, 1985]

Cool World [Ralph Bakshi, 1992]

Daybreakers [The Spierig Brothers, 2009]

Death on the Diamond [Edward Sedgwick, 1934]

Dog Day Afternoon [Sidney Lumet, 1975]

Dogtooth // Kynodontas [Yorgos Lanthimos, 2009]

Du Barry Was a Lady [Roy Del Ruth, 1943]

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain [Christopher Monger, 1995]

The Extraordinary Seaman [John Frankenheimer, 1969]

Formosa Betrayed [Adam Kane, 2009]

Freaks [Tod Browning, 1932]

Good Girls Go to Paris [Alexander Hall, 1939]

The Happy Time [Richard Fleischer, 1952]

The Harvey Girls [George Sidney, 1946]

The Honeymoon Machine [Richard Thorpe, 1961]

Hot Millions [Eric Till, 1968]

The Informer [John Ford, 1935]

Inside Daisy Clover [Robert Mulligan, 1965]

I Thank a Fool [Robert Stevens, 1962]

Josephine and Men [Roy Boulting, 1955]

Kill the Umpire [Lloyd Bacon, 1950]

The Last Boy Scout [Tony Scott, 1991]

The Legend of Lylah Clare [Robert Aldrich, 1968]

Limitless [Neil Burger, 2011]

Marathon Man [John Schlesinger, 1976]

Melancholia [Lars von Trier, 2011]

Men Are Such Fools [Busby Berkeley, 1938]

The Mist [Frank Darabont, 2007]

Niagara Falls [Gordon Douglas, 1941]

No Orchids For Miss Blandish [St John L. Clowes, 1948]

Opening Day [Roy Rowland, 1938]

Reprise [Joachim Trier, 2006]

Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood [Ridley Scott, 2010]

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution [Herbert Ross, 1976]

The Smiling Ghost [Lewis Seiler, 1941]

Skyline [The Bros Strause, 2010]

Streets of Fire [Walter Hill, 1984]

Straight Time [Ulu Grosbard, 1978]

Suspense [Frank Tuttle, 1946]

Thirteen Women [George Archainbaud, 1932]

To Kill a King [Mike Barker, 2003]

To Live and Die in L.A. [William Friedkin, 1985]

Vatel [Roland Joffé, 2000]

When Were You Born? [William C. McGann, 1938]

Who Framed Roger Rabbit [Robert Zemeckis, 1990]

X, Y and Zee [Brian G. Hutton, 1972]

* short

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