“The Ascetic Sensualists”

All … All these numbers easily … Why…
Unwashed feet and then … typhoid fever …
The leading drains multiplied, then over ocean head
Is a dangerous feed broken easily.
The reeds came up to her, lying without life
Standing halfway to the shore.  Then they came over and…

Calm clouds borne over.  The reeds, not strife.
These were thoughts of happiness
In the dark pasture
Remembering from the other time.
The old man ignored.

These times, by water, the members
Balloting, proud stain adrift
Over the glass air.
See, you must acknowledge.
For big charity ball.  The autumn leaves
Among lead crescents, and wig―

Never-to-be-forgotten conjectures
Concerning the originality
Caves and dynamic arches and the used green
Encrusted the tube.
The mirror, the child’s scream
Is perplexed, managing to end the sentence.

The scissors, this season, old newspaper.
The brown suit.  Hunted unsuccessfully,
To be torn down later
The horse said.
You called midway between the jaws,
Mediterranean bus strike
At the four corners of the world
She stood, stinking.  The cart unleashed
Ashes over every party of the century;
Some of us were working―the cat.
You pill … on the porch
Workers bravo.  Before the universe.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Junius Ponds
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 05:37:52

    [from John Ashbery’s The Tennis Court Oath, 1962]


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