Episode Seven: “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?”

Best episode so far. Despite the third straight title taken from something Juliet says, there’s no school scenes. There’s one shocking twist that ISN’T a complete cheat, and one that is but is timed perfectly. That occurs when Henry and Andrew are called in for routine questioning about the Gemma Butler murder that’s filling all the front pages. They’re given a picture of Bridget and asked to identify this woman. In separate rooms. Cuts back and forth. They look untroubled. Cuts back and forth. They aren’t staring at the interrogator as if it’s obvious. What’s he thinking? Then in unison they say “Bridget Kelly”. Immediate cut to a day ago. Apparently … she told them she has a sister. Phew! Back to normal.

Continuing to cut between conversations, “Siobhan” shows Agent Machado the evidence of the clever fake phone call she made to Bridget, or Bridget made to her, or any way, it was a message pretending that Bridget was leaving town, earlier that morning. Agent Machado cleverly notes that this call was made a minute or two after the local detectives showed up to bring her and Andrew to Precinct 15, and thus it just might have been made AFTER the detectives showed up, rather than proving that the detectives just missed her. This isn’t mentioned again.

Back up a couple more days, to see how Malcolm escapes his captors, by cleverly waking up after they’ve left the truck unattended and unlocked. Back up 9 more months, to see Malcolm and Bridget celebrate 3 months of sober Bridget. That means right now it’s exactly 12 months sober. Did she mention that at her NYC NA meeting? I forget. They have intimate relations, immediately before and after which Malcolm sternly emphasizes the importance of them not having intimate relations. If we didn’t know they’d had intimate relations, we wouldn’t know that anything’s going through their heads when their eyes meet!

Back to the present. Andrew is understandably concerned, given what he’s found out about Bridget, that Siobhan and he could possibly be contacted by the vicious mobsters who are desperate to find her. Is there any chance of, maybe, the vicious mobsters threatening her family, especially since Siobhan obviously knows where Bridget is? Bridget/Siobhan tells him not to worry. This isn’t mentioned again.

* * *

Bridget needs a detective. As her new sponsor, Charlie’s duty bound to do whatever she wants, though he seems a little threatening now that he’s been given agency. Also she can withhold any information she wants, under the “Too many questions, right?” rule, leaving him risking mprisonment to bring  a woman he’s just met information of unknown relevance. What a guy. Or is he?

Parallel parties commence. Juliet demonstrates her newfound maturity by driving slightly drunk, to save her extremely drunk friend Monica, with whom she’s been allowed to spend the weekend after being banned from seeing Erica. Erica out, Monica in. Meanwhile, a teary festschrift is in progress at the new Hamilton Park Pavilion. Should they cancel this exhibition of Gemma’s architectural might? Should everyone not show up? Malcolm Ward shows up and Bridget/Siobhan faints. Andrew gets a call from Juliet’s teacher. Juliet’s been in a car crash. And worse, she called her teacher instead of her father. He finally says the sentence we knew knew he’d say someday: “You’re cut off.”

He also says this to Bridget/Siobhan, explaining why he wasn’t happy to find out she was pregnant. “We weren’t in a good place. We weren’t speaking, barely having sex anymore … [intake of breath] … getting pregnant seemed like a compliation.” Now, the phrasing of this statement would be ludicrous if they were still not having sex. But … are they … there’s no way. She could … not pull off that impersonation? It’s been … three weeks since Bridget replaced Siobhan. They have to address this soon. We could be in a world where pregnant sex is taboo, that’s fine, but they haven’t made that clear.

And speaking of pregnancy, she’s about to get a sonogram when the episode ends! What what?!

And speaking of the episode ending, this is the good part. Charlie is creeping around the airport long-term lot and breaking into Gemma’s car. Why did he ask Bridget where the car was anyway? This is doomed. Any minute a security guard is going to lay a hand on his shoulder. He wipes up a blood drop in the trunk, and makes a phone call. He reports that there’s no clues except his own blood. Gemma hit him with her bag when he abducted her. What what?!? He’s reporting to Siobhan. Oh man!! So that’s why he approached Bridget at the NA meeting back in episode whatever that was. Oh wow!! So that’s why he seemed to be reciting the addict script by rote. So that’s why they got legendary soap badboy Billy Miller to be what appeared to be Siobhan’s hanger-on and hopeless suitor. He hangs up and the interesting thing, for a viewer, is that we go from being sure he’s going to get picked up by security, to being positive that he isn’t. This paragraph is entirely sincere.