• Brook Reeves [Impending Doom]
  • Chance Garnette [Skeletonwitch]
  • Schuylar Croom [He Is Legend]
  • Ross Dolan [Immolation]
  • Lindsay Dawson [Demoniac]
  • Liam Cormier [Cancer Bats]
  • Liam Cromby [We Are the Ocean]
  • Mike Score [All Out War]

L-R: Mike Score, Frank Maudsley, Paul Reynolds, Ali Score

  • Earl Ruwell [Into the Moat]
  • Winston McCall [Parkway Drive]
  • Merv Hembrough [Burning Skies]
  • Walter Schreifels [Quicksand / Rival Schools]
  • Chester Bennington [Linkin Park]
  • Buddy Nielsen [Senses Fail]
  • W. Whitfield Crane IV [Ugly Kid Joe]
  • Howard Jones [Killswitch Engage]

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